LOM built tailored "turnkey" theme parks. LOM provides studies, attractions and training to realize the most enchanting dreams.

Theme park offer

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Surf Academy
LoftusOverseasManagement Surf Academy
A concept for relaxation and fun.
Ocean World
An amazing park for families and children.
Adventure Land
Adventure and dream in every moment !
The magic of the waves !
1001 Planets


LOM performs the master plans for amusement parks, water parks and edutainment sites. Achieving the master plan includes:
- The preliminary studies
- The financial engineering
- The Preliminary Design
- The Final Design
- The building permit documents - The Construction drawings
- The tender documents
This comprehensive service allows you to specify all the settings during the construction of a park.

LoftusOverseasManagement Construction

LOM oversees the construction of amusement parks, water parks and edutainment sites.
Supervising the work provides a framework for local construction companies and ensures consistency between the various parties on construction sites.
This service allows you to organize the site according to the manufacturing schedules of the attractions , the construction of the civil works , the theme decorations and the operating buildings in the park.

LoftusOverseasManagement Operation

LOM can provide the operating service of the attractions in a park
The offer is based on a round table organized by LOM between the owner of the land, the investors, banks to determine the responsibilities and investments to be made before and during the entire operating life of the park.
This service provides recruitment and training of operational staff starting from the begining of the construction work.