LOM oversees the construction of amusement parks, water parks and edutainment sites.
Supervising the work provides a framework for local construction companies and ensures consistency between the various parties on construction sites.
This service allows you to organize the site according to the manufacturing schedules of the attractions , the construction of the civil works , the theme decorations and the operating buildings in the park.

LoftusOverseasManagement Construction

Project Management

LOM has the experience, skills and resources required to create a theme park from A to Z. We can work to the strictest deadlines and will deliver on time, even with the most complex attractions.

For over a decade, the people at LOM have been forging sustainable relationships with their customers, developers, general contractors and sub-contractors from the park attractions and leisure industry.

Whatever the role of LOM – be it general contractor or partner in a larger team – we foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect as the means for achieving the shared objective of a high-quality undertaking.

LoftusOverseasManagement Supervision


LOM has, on all construction sites, a team in charge of monitoring the implementation and assembly operations.
It proceeds to the reception and unloading of the equipments on the site, to storage on site, to the sampling and to the tests of the qualities of the civil works.
The team checks the conditions of safety and hygiene of the site.
It plans the interventions of each subcontractor depending on the progress of work. It makes the construction reports.

LoftusOverseasManagement Essais

Essais & Reception

LOM performs the tests of each attraction in collaboration or not with certification companies like the German TÜV.
The company verifies compliance of all works according to the flow of the expected visitors (for the attractions,the theme decorations and the special effects).
LOM proceeds to the commissioning of the equipments and works for the park owner's account.