LOM performs the master plans for amusement parks, water parks and edutainment sites. Achieving the master plan includes:
- The preliminary studies
- The financial engineering
- The Preliminary Design
- The Final Design
- The building permit documents - The Construction drawings
- The tender documents
This comprehensive service allows you to specify all the settings during the construction of a park.


LOM LOM incorporates a specific engineering department for the dimensioning and theming of the amusement parks.
This service, in correlation with the financial analysis, defines the size of the attractions to link them to the previsional number of visitors and sets up all simulation tools to evaluate flow in a park.
The construction drawings, technical specifications, supervision of the civil works are part of the engineering work.

LoftusOverseasManagement Design


LOM handles the design and stage setting of amusement parks and the company has a team of in-house designers and artists.

Thus, starting with a concept, it can create the right decor and scenery for each attraction and iconic place. By using drawings, images, 3D films and models, it enables upstream simulations and visualisations of the total immersion experience of visitors to the park.