LOM can provide the operating service of the attractions in a park
The offer is based on a round table organized by LOM between the owner of the land, the investors, banks to determine the responsibilities and investments to be made before and during the entire operating life of the park.
This service provides recruitment and training of operational staff starting from the begining of the construction work.



Because we understand the importance of financing parks and their attractions, LOM also has a department in charge of equipment and infrastructure management, which operates both on a long-term basis, or for periodic events.

In order to ensure compliance with different employment legislation and regulations in each country, LOM works with a network of local subsidiaries to supervise the training and recruitment of park personnel and park management.


Staffing and training

During the construction of a park, LOM prepares the recruitment and training of staff from the start of the work. This method allows, to have at the end of the work, a ready operations team to run the park.
LOM defines profiles and does or participates in the recruitment of staff on its behalf or on behalf of the operator.
The company trains the recruited staff during the mounting of the attractions and the integration of the special effects.



During the commissioning of the attractions, LOM realize the nomenclature, the operating and maintenance documentation of each element of the park.
This work focuses on the attractions and theme decorations, but also on special effects, consumables and operating park facilities.
These operating procedures are given to the owners and to the operator of the park.