In a Chocolate Factory

LOM is developing a museum of Chocolate for town councils or brands of Chocolate.

This museum, which is built over a minimum area of 2000 m², combines attractions in themed and gaming areas, whilst providing an educational content.

This museum includes the following themed areas:

  • The tropical forest area, where it is explained how cocoa is grown and harvested
  • Transport and the hazards of travelling by boat in the 16 th century
  • The transformation of chocolate in a wonderful factory
  • A 4D cinema
  • A café and its chocolate sales room

This journey is like a promenade, as in the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

It is a place which stimulates dreams and the senses, giving visitors knowledge of the product itself, identification of a chocolate brand in particular, and the desire to share this experience with friends and family.

Other references