ONE THOUSAND & ONE PLANETS offers a unique venue for discovering other worlds, with attractions and restaurant. It can be a science fiction district of an amusement park or a theme park by itself.
It is a collection of themed attractions featuring space travel, including the discovery of other universes and inhabitants of other planets.

ONE THOUSAND & ONE PLANETS is the rendezvous point of adventurers from across the galaxy. One finds oneself having a drink while listening to Martian music with an orchestra from Alpha Centauri. A gravity simulator takes you onto Jupiter and a flying saucer carries you through the asteroid belt of Saturn.
Beings from the outer reaches of the universe come to meet earthlings, greeting them in mysterious languages.
The solar system is your world; the galaxy is yours, and the future is now.

ALPHA CENTAURI RESTAURANT is a unique and vibrant hideaway for alien lifeforms. A collection of moving alien animatronics and crazy robots creates the ideal ambiance for lunch, dinner, corporate event or birthday party.

is a roller coaster dark ride with a rotating 24-seat gondola gliding on a U-shaped track. The ride goes through total darkness with spotlights on asteroids, planets, stars and galaxies.
STEALTH is a mapping dark ride spinning coaster themed on a futuristic car levitating and running on a rail. Specific decorations are set up all around the track, onto which corresponding videos are projected in mapping mode.

ASTEROIDS BATTLE is a Dark Ride with motion platforms offering a unique ride experience of impressive synchronization between media scenes and vehicle movement, some of which is intense.  The theme of the attraction is a spaceship fight against aliens, surrounded by 4D projections.
JUPITER ROCKET is a flying seat attraction over 110m tall. Looking out, passengers can see for kilometers; looking down, they are reminded how far the ground is below them.
LASER CONQUEST is a game for individuals or teams; players fire bright beams from laser guns, in a misty environment.

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