The magic of the waves !

LOM offers AQUANOVA, a water park with jacuzzis, water slides, playgrounds, surf simulators, a lazzy river and a wave pool.

AQUANOVA is a waterpark based on the concept of water seeping into the ground and returning to the surface, bringing health and strength to the guests. According with the site, the waterpark can be an indoor, outdoor or mixed-area water park.

The park has rides to suit all ages, the variety of the slides and the shape of the lazy river customize the identity of the park , and offer an amazing panel of aquatic thrills.

AQUANOVA is not just another waterpark. It is a destination for well-being and leisure where we expand beyond ourselves: a place where we can learn to surf, where we can reshape our bodies in a fitness center, where relaxation and care are provided in a beauty and wellness center designed on the concept of the Korean Jjimjilbang.

We have associated with AQUANOVA the best of both Asia and Western social water culture.

For the thrill-seekers amongst our guests, check out the adrenaline-fueled rides with our incredible slides. New, impressive and secure: three good reasons to enjoy the waterpark.

Our "Lazy River" is a channel in which we create a small current that simulates a quiet river. Swimmers get carried along while comfortably situated in giant buoys.

Relax and enjoy the waves that extend to the shore of our large swimming pool. Artificial waves are reproduced in the pool at a tempo which provides fun and ocean ambiance to all swimmers and waders.

AQUANOVA provides for the youngest patrons different types of water playgrounds, the best place for children to play without needing strict supervision by their parents. They can play safely and interact with their friends in their "own world".

For well-being, AQUANOVA includes giant Jacuzzis along with the pool and slides, on a terrace overlooking park attractions. Complementary to the Jacuzzis, AQUANOVA provides steam and log saunas rich in atmosphere.

AQUANOVA is a destination. It’s the place where we can learn how to surf or to enjoy body surfing. We can experience state-of-the-art simulation in riding on a wave or in a tube. It’s simply amazing how people can learn so quickly and compete on waves.

A comfortable and cozy Beauty Center in AQUANOVA offers professional beauty consultations, hairdresser, manicure and pedicure services. The Wellness Center offers various relaxing and healing massages with a broad selection of facial and body treatments.
ATLANTIS RESTAURANT is a unique and vibrant hideaway with a marine theme. Part adventure, part leisure, part restaurant, it brings together the sights and sounds of a mysterious city under the sea. Every 15 minutes an automatic show is provided for the guests with a combination of robotized fish characters (animatronics) .  

Splashing, swimming, sliding, floating over buoys, this park offers a great refreshment for a whole region. All families will come with their children in safe conditions to discover the magic of the waves.

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