"THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS" is an ephemeral park concept that can take place for a maximum of 3 months. He uses a very visual scenographic technique, bringing a renaissance of the genre in the illuminations.

It is a night walkthrough attraction. The spectators move in the middle of thematic decorations reproducing buildings, cultural objects, scenes while being illuminated from the inside.

It is a walk-in a very visual and full of special effects that delight all families. THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS can be combined with an aquatic show.

Photo spots are organized around sculptures offering visitors the opportunity to take pictures of themselves in ambiance poses ... .and to share their memories on social networks.

The principle of THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS with Chinese lanterns makes it possible to change the theme of the park every year or to add a specific theme. This renewal makes it possible to maintain a continuous attractiveness of the site.

Chinese lanterns are metallic structures reproducing buildings or human, mineral and organic forms, covered with colored fabrics and illuminated from the inside by spots of light.

The structures are 10 to 15 m high, the human characters are about 2 m and the animals are 2.5 m on average.

Pools of water, placed at the foot of the sets, allow to reflect in the night the illuminated structures.

This ancestral technique brought up to date by modern scenographic techniques brings the magic of colors in the night.

This is the wonder of a colorful evening attracting the visitors for a night in the city.

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