Dinosaurs theme park

JURASSIC LAND is a park themed on dinosaurs. It combines attractions and a restaurant in a universe where humans do not yet exist.

JURASSIC LAND an edutainment park where children will discover, scaled to life-size, the giant creatures who inhabited the earth millions of years ago.

Dinosaurs are the masters of sky, sea and land. They are everywhere, sharing the land with clashes between species that create a whirlwind of extreme life.

Roaring, growling, all the forgotten cries of these magnificent animals, now vanished, are revived for a few hours, for the great pleasure of adventurous visitors.

JURASSIC LAND is a superb manifestation of life on earth and a place of distraction full of emotions and adrenaline.

TRICERATOPS RESTAURANT is a unique and vibrant hideaway with a dinosaur theme. Part Jurassic adventure, part leisure, part restaurant, it brings together the sights and sounds of life millions of years ago: a time-travel into the past.
A collection of moving dinosaur animatronics (robots) creates the ideal ambiance for lunch, dinner, corporate event or birthday party. Every 15 minutes an automatic show is provided for the guests.
T-REX MONORAIL is an aerial ride, surrounded by dinosaurs, where 4-seat themed vehicles run on a track situated 4 meters above the ground.

attraction is a flat ride rotating on 3 axes.
Passengers sit on gondolas themed as raptors. The 9 gondolas are set up on 3 small rotating platforms which are affixed to a main platform rotating in the opposite direction.
Each gondola is provided with a central bearing for idle rotation by means of a steering wheel.
These 3 simultaneous rotations cause disorientation in riders.
PTERODACTYL is a flat ride with 14 arms, attached to a central axis, which spin, rise and fall at random intervals.
Each arm has 14 gondolas affixed at the end, themed as flying pterodactyls.
The T-REX FLUME is themed with dinosaurs in the pond and all around the track. Up to four adult riders are accommodated in dinosaur boats as they navigate both ground level and elevated winding troughs, before experiencing a refreshing drop down the chute into the splash pool below.

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