The universe of the infinitely small

MINI-WORLD is a universe of the infinitely small, which becomes gigantic if one has been transformed to the size of an ant.

Here we are reduced, in the middle of a garden where insects and plants have become enormous.

We travel with a beetle, sail on the back of a duck, hide in flower petals and float in a nutshell, in a torrent made of individual drops of water.

Everything is made grand as we become tiny: by the magic of a mysterious ray which enables us to discover life, including its dangers, from a new perspective.

MINI-WORLD offers us attractions and a fantastic restaurant that alternates discoveries with laughter amid creatures suddenly 100 times larger than us.

LADYBUG RESTAURANT is a unique and vibrant hideaway with a giant garden theme. The restaurant is equipped with 30 robotized characters (animatronics). Every 15 minutes an automatic show is provided for the guests. Butterflies, beetles come to life for the duration of the show, inviting guests to share their meals with these small creatures....who have become very big.

DUCK CAROUSEL is an aquatic merry-go-round with gondolas themed as ducks or swans, which combines a gentle circular movement on the water with a vertical oscillation reproducing a trip into the water.

NUTSHELL RAFTING is an aquatic attraction that reproduces the pleasure and excitement of canoeing, in nutshell buoys within a torrent made of individual drops of water.

 BUMBLEBEE attraction is a 24-passenger cab that spins on itself gracefully while simultaneously tilting in both directions. It provides fun for all age groups. Mounted on a cylinder with an off-center axis, the attraction is nicely themed as a bumblebee. It combines universal visual interest with a simple and classic action entertainment..

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