Traveling to the space

The concept of SPACETIME 1 is a life experience in a spaceship flying from planets to planets and traveling in space time.

It is a place where we spend few hours combining the enjoyment of a restaurant, an aquarium, a laser game, a trampoline playground and a museum.

SPACETIME 1 collects samples of lives found on different planets and at different times. These chests are filled with strange treasures and the spaceship is full of aliens that cohabit together.
The restaurant allows you to meet robot aliens that dine at your side. Musicians from other solar systems play automated programming.

The aquarium presents an aquatic life with the most singular fishes found on planet Earth, but above all, by the magic of immersed robots, it is an encounter with reptiles of the Jurassic era and with animals of the future that didn't exist yet but which have been brought back to our time thanks to the journey in space-time.

Thus it is a whole chain of the earth evolution that is found in the holds of SPACETIME 1. It is a robotic vivarium and an aquarium improbable, but yet very real that SPACETIME 1 offers to all visitors.

A walk in the bowels of the ship allows the children to find themselves at the controls of the ship, to discover the teleportation room, the armory and the Hall of the Dangerous Beings.
Like real astronauts, they can train themselves in a laser game arena and in a trampoline playgrounds.

An educational area offers explanations about the universe, the stars and planets, the evolution of species and the technologies of travel in space.

SPACETIME 1 is a unique place for a family lunch with aliens, while offering children attractions and a pedagogical discovery of sciences that will lead the Man in the stars.

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